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King Professional Communications CEO Earns Doctoral Degree, Releases New Book

LAVONIA, Ga. – King Professional Communications (KPC) officially announces the release of a new book by KPC’s founder/CEO, Dr. YaShekia King: The Divinely Inspired Business: How to Experience the Blessing of God in Your Business. Dr. King published the book on Dec. 11, 2021, as part of her Doctor of Christian Entrepreneurship program at Christian Leadership University, which she officially completed on Dec. 5, 2021.

The new book is available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle versions. The book can be accessed here:

Dr. King's book explores how God and business—two things that don’t always seem to go together—are indeed connected. Specifically, Dr. King uses her own experiences in business as well as the divine lessons she has learned over the years to explain how being a Christian entrepreneur who fears God carries with it a holy advantage in the marketplace.

“Many people dive into business with the sole aim of making money and enjoying personal gain,” says Dr. King. “But if you don’t give your business to God, our Creator, first, then you can’t expect your business exploits to thrive long term. Giving God first place truly does matter in both your life and your business. Only with Him at the helm can you enjoy business success and the eternal blessings that flow from a God-directed business.”

KPC has produced marketing content for businesses of various sizes, from boutiques and law firms to world-class digital marketing firms. The company produces engaging website content and blogs. KPC also offers professional editing and resumé writing services.

The company, which began serving clients in 2011 and officially became a Limited Liability Company in October of 2012, has edited more than a million words and has produced thousands of pieces of content, including website copy, white papers, press releases, and resumés and cover letters. For more information about King Professional Communications’ services, visit

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