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4 Things Not to Include on Your Resume

Updated: Apr 25, 2021

Maybe you’re out of work and desperately need a new source of income. Perhaps you have a job, but you know you’re worth more than what you’re currently being paid, and you’re ready for a change—a new salary coupled with new opportunities. In either event, it’s that time again—time to dust off your resume and give it a makeover. However, here are four things you definitely don’t want to include on your resume:

1) Don’t include “References available upon request.” That’s obvious and implied—and including this line actually takes up space that could be used for more valuable content.

2) Don’t include your high school diploma if you have already attained a college degree. Information related to high school is simply unnecessary at this point.

3) Don’t include salary information, even if your potential employer requests this information. Save this information for your cover letter.

4) Don’t include personal pronouns. Just like salary information, these pronouns (“I,” “my”) belong only in the cover letter. Stick to action words on your resume instead.

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